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Post # 6 Careers in Chemistry

Careers in Chemistry

There are many careers in the field of chemistry, ones ranging from lab aid, to teacher, to forensic analyst; all with varying degrees of education.  To attain a career in chemistry, it's recommended to have a strong background in math and high natural interest in the sciences; normally the minimum education required is a BA in chemistry and about a year of lab experience.  That, of course will increase with with the difficulty of the job, as will pay.
An important Canadian chemist, Rudolph A. Marcas, born in Montreal Quebec 1923 and studied at McGill University for his Ph.D., was awarded the national medal of science and the Nobel prize in 1992 and more.  His biggest contribution to chemistry was his theory of electron transfer (2H+ + 2e− + 1/2 O2 → H2O + heat).  And more recently (2012) Marcus was awarded several honorary degrees from Queens University, University of New Brunswick, and University of Hyderabad (India).
Article Review
The article was focused on Doctor Rudolph A. Marcus, in short it was professional biography.  It talked a lot of his inspiration, family, and background.


After reading the article, I was very interested in Doctor Marcus and his achievements, which needless to say are quite amazing.

Reader Reflection

If you plan to enter a career in chemistry, would you follow Doctor Marcus' example?

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